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Top 10 Inventory Management Companies - 2018

Efficient inventory management becomes a vital part of businesses, especially those seeking to augment their online presence, as it improves operational efficiency, responsiveness and customer satisfaction, thus increasing the overall revenue. While the discipline of inventory management has become crucial for e-commerce and omnichannel companies, modern inventory management software are challenging the orthodoxies of manual process-centric legacy systems by digitizing the processes for increased efficiency. Using real-time data in collaborating sales channels, inventory management and order management has improved the supply chain process significantly providing customers with accurate product availability, status, immediate delivery, and store pickup. In addition, the rising significance of data analytics is also contributing to the improvement of the context and clarity of daily operations. Combined with the cloud and ERP reports, data analytics is empowering companies to perform metric findings and converting inventory data into meaningful information.

Current inventory management trends show a heavy leaning towards providing an omnichannel experience to customers. Cloud-based inventory management systems are also becoming popular, as they provide a comprehensive view of the inventory as well as instant access to necessary information, besides being cost-effective and less time-consuming. IoT and machine-machine interactions connect to create a data- and product-web, bringing together the front- and back-end operations and monitoring them simultaneously to place and process data efficiently and avoid unnecessary over- or under-stocking. While IoT platforms are being deployed to improve inventory tracking and monitoring efforts across multiple operation locations, companies are also leveraging Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for monitoring location of individual products, their components, and their respective quantity/quality.

In an effort to facilitate the CIOs find the right inventory management solution partner, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with the Logistics Tech Outlook editorial board has assessed several inventory management solution providers and picked best-performing companies. We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Inventory Management Solution Providers 2018.”

    Top Inventory Management Companies

  • The company offers a cloud-based inventory management solution—Kn{owl}edge—that is highly customizable and can efficiently track small to large amounts of inventory according to a customer’s needs


  • Provides integrated supply chain execution software solutions, focusing on automatic identification and data collection, RFID and enterprise mobility markets


  • Provides a platform that offers a single interface to access all of the customer facing apps employed in an organization


  • Provides Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) that improve inventory efficiency and streamline optimization


  • Elemica


    Connecting network participants, logistics service providers and end customers for the products they buy, sell and move with visibility solutions that enable clients to see and anticipate risk

  • EZ Office Inventory

    EZ Office Inventory

    Provides a cloud-based asset tracking software enabling companies to track physical and technological assets

  • Jump Technologies

    Jump Technologies

    JumpStock gives hospital supply chain managers and nursing staff a solution that integrates into workflows, adding visibility to high-cost and high-waste areas

  • Profitect


    Profitect improves or replaces the current business intelligence and exception based reporting tools, working with all organizations within retail

  • The Sourcing Group

    The Sourcing Group

    The Sourcing Group is an Enterprise Strategy Provider (ESP) that specializes in the sourcing, fulfillment and accounting for print and marketing that provides significant, measurable savings

  • Tompkins Inc.

    Tompkins Inc.

    Tompkins International is a supply chain consulting and implementation firm that maximizes supply chain performance and value creation