Systum: Customer Experience Driven by Smart Inventory

Dean Mansfield, President & CEO, SystumDean Mansfield, President & CEO
As customer experience rules the roost in today’s business world, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are striving to deliver enhanced buying experience to their customers. However, because of the inability to have a unified view of their warehouse and inventory, these businesses often struggle to offer the right products to their customers in an omnichannel environment. With data pouring in from various sources, SMBs find it impossible to manage operations without having a single interface to manage their customer-facing applications.

Dean Mansfield, President and CEO of Systum, draws attention to the fact that back-office operations are today being run as one application while no such arrangement exists for the customer-facing operations. “Disrupting the status quo, we bring the entire customer-facing software into one location. Rather than trying to integrate the apps, we provide a platform where all of that functionality interacts natively, in a single database,” says Mansfield. With a comprehensive view of customer data, SMBs can be in a better position to provide their customers a consistent, personalized experience across all channels.

Enabled with a device-agnostic, cloud-based platform, Systum allows clients’ sales team to have real-time access to business reports, inventory and sales data analytics, from phone or tablet. Adding mobility factor to the inventory management software help sales team to quickly check on the availability of a particular item and interact with the customers in a timely manner. Using mobile camera teams can scan barcodes to view the check-list. This improves the warehouse management performance significantly without requiring additional cost to the business.

As the next step to enhance the marketing strategies of SMBs, Systum is planning to implement a beacon-based warehouse tracking system to help B2C companies launch their e-store on the website.

We improve front office operations— from lead generation, inventory, shipping, all the way to billing and invoicing

Through the beacon-based technology Systum gathers the intelligence from the available business data to improve the efficiency of the inventory management within the warehouse.

In addition, the company helps teams to track marketing performance of the store and access inventory levels from anywhere at any time, across multiple warehouses. While selling through major online sales channels like Amazon, e-bay, organizations can get complete details about their total inventory cost, forecasts for re-ordering and which sales channels to prioritize based on volume and margin from campaign to lead to invoice. “We improve front office operations—from lead generation, inventory, shipping, all the way to billing and invoicing,” adds Mansfield.

The leadership at Systum brings hundreds of man-years of experience in SaaS through which they enable SMBs to leverage their existing infrastructure to improve their warehouse and inventory management. Mansfield shares an instance where Systum assisted an entrepreneur from Los Angeles to sell her innovative products, for children. While selling products successfully on Amazon, the entrepreneur turned down the offer from BedBox because of the inherent difficulty in using EDI’s exchanges. Systum helped this entrepreneur by providing a website to sell the products with BedBox, as all the EDI integrations were neatly integrated into the platform, eliminating the need to keep track of it separately. This helped the entrepreneur accept and deliver orders easily on time from companies and maintain the inventory records, which tripled her business revenue.

With a passion to improve clients’ business outcomes at low cost, Mansfield says that they are focused on wholesale distribution business in the U.S. market. Besides, they also have plans to expand our footprint in Australia and U.K. In other words, Systum is enabling SMBs globally to thrive in the omnichannel world.

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