Pelton Solutions: Streamlined Inventory Management

Effectively optimizing and managing inventories can be painstakingly time-consuming and also complex. Nathan Pelton, the owner and founder of Pelton Solutions, perceived the complications of inventory management early on while he and his wife endeavored to build a website that allows for the seamless creation of their weekly dinner menu. Pelton set out to develop this website and eventually devised his own robust, proprietary PHP framework that now underpins all Pelton Solutions projects concerning inventory management. Driven by his desire to build custom website solutions, Nathan Pelton single-handedly founded Pelton Solutions in 2012 to streamline inventory management and optimization that currently serves the small retail and stockroom management space. Although the dinner menu project is still in closed beta, the inventory management section of the project was separately developed into Pelton Solutions’ proprietary inventory management solution, Kn{owl}edge. “Our goal is to gather knowledge about inventory systems and offer cutting-edge inventory management solutions and features that are tailored to fit clients’ requirements,” says Pelton.

The company’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based inventory management solution—Kn{owl}edge—is highly customizable and can efficiently track small to large amounts of inventory according to a customer’s needs. The solution is exceedingly intuitive and a user can add multi-layered categories or single-layered categories according to their preferences. Moreover, Kn{owl}edge aptly fits the bill when it comes to adding customized fields. For instance, it can track lot numbers for laboratories, expiration date of products for retailers, and other additional values for different inventories. It also enables users to run reports on their existing inventories as well as usage report over a period of time, which can be further modified depending on a customer’s choice. Most importantly, utilizing their advanced inventory management solution, Pelton Solutions allows users to save significant time that is otherwise consumed in managing pesky excel files for tracking inventories.

Since founded six years ago, the company’s growth has been nothing short of a whirlwind and its strenuous efforts in developing a truly customizable inventory management solution is a reflection of Pelton’s resolution in marrying insight with foresight.

Our goal is to gather knowledge about inventory systems and offer cutting-edge inventory management solutions and features that are tailored to fit clients’ requirements

To highlight the benefits of Kn{owl}edge, Pelton shares an instance where his company assisted a client who was on a lookout for a solution that could effectively track all the different categories of things used in a college medical laboratory. The client initially relied on outdated excel files that were poorly managed, often ending up reordering materials that they already had. With the help Kn{owl}edge, Pelton imported all their excel files and then orchestrated a standard method of organizing them, helping the client save considerable time and money. It also provided the client with different usage reports and low stock indication when they needed to reorder commodities that are low in stock.

The roadmap for Pelton Solutions looks promising. The company has recently released its latest update—Kn{owl}edge 2.1—that features an improved inventory update tracker with “undo” capabilities. The company also intends on adding order management and warehouse visualization tools to its solution. Including demand and forecasting along with time zone support for customers all over the world is also on the charts. In terms of integration, Pelton Solutions aims to provide a proprietary API as well as integrations within Square, different POS integrations, and platform integrations.